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When the most important book of the twentieth century was released in 1925 while its author sat in prison with his cronies for an attempted coup against the German government, few could have foreseen its horrific impact.
Mein Kampf set out, in rambling hate-based prose, a program of war, hatred, mass murder, and global conquest. Over the years purchases of the book made Adolf Hitler a wealthy man, but few in the country read the book though most households owned at least one copy. Fewer outside of Germany read the book. Those whose lives would be directly affected by the implementation of the plans described in the book did not read it; and those who should have read it, who were put most at risk by it, did not read it.
The same scenario is now being repeated with the Sira of Mohammed. Those who most need to read it (non-Muslims), those most at risk from its message will not, in the main, read it; while those who have read it are those who embrace its themes and message of hate, intolerance, war, and conquest.
The most influential book of the 20th century went mainly unread with disastrous consequences. One of the most influential books in human history, the Sira of Mohammed, is widely known among Muslims though the West is almost entirely ignorant of its contents, and its profound importance for both Muslims and non-believers. Worse still most in the west are ignorant of its existence.
We know what a world looks like when the ideology espoused in Mein Kampf is implemented. The Sira of Mohammed, Mohammed’s biography, tells the story of what the world will look like when Islam is triumphant. The differences between a victory of Nazism and a global conquest of Mohammedanism are difficult to determine as the differences are so minuscule.
We know what the world looked like when Nazism was rising, global warfare and unparalleled suffering. We know from the history of Islam what the world looks like when Islam is rising- jihad, barbarism, hatred, war, conquest, enslavement, and a brutal endless war of elimination of all non-Muslim cultures and political systems.
Had the world paid attention to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, as it is not now doing with the Sira of Mohammed, perhaps WWII could have been avoided. When we know nothing of Mohammed’s life and his ideology of endless jihad against all unbelievers everywhere and forever we cannot defend ourselves against this growing threat. The threat of Islam originates in the doctrine of Islam of which the Sira (Mohammed’s biography) is one part of a trilogy of doctrinal texts, which also includes Koran and Hadith. We are as ignorant (and more) as the clueless of 1933.
One who has read both Mein Kampf and the Sira can make a valid comparison. One who knows the history of WW2, and the Holocaust as well as Islamic history and doctrine, can place these books into an historical and political context. With this understanding of history and doctrine one can know with a reasonable certainty what the future will look like. One can know because just as Mein Kampf made certain promises and laid out certain plans, the Sira of Mohammed also makes promises and plans.
The Sira is not difficult to read. Anyone can read it. In fact recently a 12 year old was asked to read it. The child felt compelled to stop reading because “Mohammed was killing too many people”. The message of hate, violence, intolerance, and cruelty is clear to a 12-year-old but somehow eludes our political, academic, and religious leadership across the West. It eludes them most likely because they have not read it and do not know it exists.
Our lack of understanding of Islam and its foundational concepts of conquest and jihad is indicative of a societal-wide moral, intellectual, and ethical failure that for our own survival must be swiftly reversed.
When one reads the doctrine of Islam the world shifts, changes. Knowledge of the doctrine brings events into focus in a way that previously was impossible. Just as Mein Kampf is the guide to WWII before WWII began, the doctrine of Islam is the guide to present day events and into the future. This is not prophecy, this is a firm understanding of the doctrine and guiding principles of an ideology that is fundamentally opposed to our existence. We can know the future when we apply the doctrine of Islam (Sira, Koran, Hadith) to present and past events involving Islam and adherents of Islam. This is applied theology and political science.
Knowledge of the Sira of Mohammed opens doors. It opens doors to a world of conflict and war and horror that we would prefer did not exist. There is no avoiding this foundational reality of our world.
When one knows Sira, closely held beliefs of the nature of the human world, how people behave and interact, and most importantly our previous understanding of the “religion of peace”, are all shattered.
Learning Islamic doctrine forces us to rethink important concepts of the structure of existence, ideas that make life liveable and pleasant, and paints a portrait of the ongoing failure and destruction of the human potential of peaceful co-existence and tolerance.
The doctrine of Islam is clear – there is no peaceful co-existence for Islam with unbelievers. Because non-Muslims have the gall and effrontery not to accept Allah and Mohammed, because we are Christian, Jew, Hindu, atheist, Buddhist, etc., we are seen by Allah and Mohammed as having rejected Koran, Sira, and Hadith – for this we are all kaffirs and we must be made to submit. If we do not submit there is nothing that Islam will not do to make us do so. There are no taboos for Islam where kaffirs are concerned. This is a fundamental lesson of the Sira of Mohammed.
The Sira, like the Koran and Hadith, is a wake up call for all kaffirs (unbelievers). We learn from the Sira all about Islam, all about Mohammed, but we also learn about our own cultures. The lessons are painful and they are immutable.
· We are at war.
Islam is at war with kaffirs everywhere and forever until Islam is defeated or triumphant. The triumph of Islam is the defeat of individual freedoms, women’s rights, gay rights, religious tolerance, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc., etc. The triumph of Islam is a total shift of humanity from reaching for freedom and tolerance to an embrace of submission, enslavement, and intellectual and spiritual deadness from which recovery is unfortunately unlikely.
· We do not live in a “post-historical” world.
In fact, history haunts us like a hunter. It pursues us until we stand and defend or surrender. This is not the world of the “end of history” of Frances Fukiyama, Bill Clinton, and other multiculturalist fantasists. Islam overturns all of these utopian concepts and crushes them under the boot of endless jihad and ‘dhimmitude’.
· We are not “post-modern”.
We are being pursued by forces of 7th century Arabia. They are well-trained; their doctrine of war has been successful for them for 1400 years. We are late in responding. Americans consider themselves to be forward thinking and not to be “mired” in issues of the past. We think we are above all of “that”. We are wrong. Our arrogance as to the ascension of our concepts is so strong that in foreign policy matters we simply only have to “reset” and we are on a totally new path, a path without a past – a path outside of context. With Islam there is no “reset”. We live outside of context in a bubble, a bubble that is being deflated rapidly by the rise of Islam.
· Our world is a world of conflict.
War pursues us because the doctrine of Islam commands that it be so. The forces of Islam are flush with oil wealth transferred to them by us to them in our ignorance of their doctrine. We did this because we did not know their doctrine. We have empowered our enemies because we did not know their doctrine and now the time of reckoning approaches. We are not ready. We are not ready because we know nothing of the doctrine of Islam (Sira, Koran, Hadith). If we do not know why and how our enemy fights us, we cannot hope to oppose him successfully. Everything we need to know about Islam is contained in the doctrine of Islam (Koran, Sira, Hadith). Knowledge of the doctrine of Islam is now a survival imperative; it is the patriotic duty of all lovers of freedom in the West to educate themselves and others about the doctrine of Islam. Ignorance of Islam is a moral, intellectual, ethical, and patriotic failure.
· Multiculturalism is wrong.
In fact, multiculturalism is used by our enemies to immobilize us, to keep us confused and unable to respond. Multiculturalism is wrong because the doctrine of Islam demonstrates that it is wrong. Islam is intolerant, we are tolerant; Islam is misogynist, we embrace equality between the sexes; Islam is about aggressive war, we are not. Islam denies the value of the individual, we believe that the empowered individual is the foundation of a healthy society and culture; Islam believes that only Islam is valid, we believe in religious pluralism and tolerance; Islam will not be analysed, criticized, satirized – we believe in humour, criticism and open debate. We believe that open debate is the foundation of intellectual honesty and truth. In Islam debate is not allowed. We do not believe in slavery, Islam strongly believes in slavery and dhimmitude of the unbeliever. The list is extensive. Multiculturalism’s core idea that all cultures are equal is destroyed by the existence and message of the doctrine of Islam (Koran, Sira, Hadith). The truth is this: some cultures are superior in relation to others. Not all cultures are the same. This means that muliticulturalism is a fraud and a failed utopian concept that must be delegitimized and destroyed. The product of Islam is jihad. The products of Western culture that enhance the value of existence, empower individuals, and create opportunity and wealth are too numerous to mention here. We do not war against others because they do not believe what we believe. Some cultures are better than others. Multiculturalism is dead, the only problem is that few have noticed its demise.
In Islam the model of the life of Mohammed (Sira) and the things that he said and did, according to his friends (Hadith) are the perfect model of behaviour for all Muslims to follow in perpetuity. If Mohammed had been a nice fellow this would be a boon for all humanity, but it is not so. Mohammed was not a nice fellow. In Islam it is said that what Mohammed did is considered “Sunna” that means acceptable and good; what Mohammed disallowed is “haram” or forbidden.
Had Mohammed been a humanitarian this article would not be so lengthy. The Sira and Hadith dictate what is Sunna. Foundationally, jihad is Sunna. This means that anything done to the kaffir, if it advances the cause of Allah/Islam, is Sunna. This includes every negative thing one can imagine. There are no taboos for the kaffir.
When one reads the Sira one sees that we in the West are in serious trouble. It is interesting to note that “year one” of the Islamic calendar is not the year in which Mohammed received his first “revelations” from Allah through the angel Gabriel. Rather, it is the year in which Mohammed emigrated from Mecca to Medina. In Mecca Mohammed was an argumentative and disruptive but non-violent “preacher” – he got 150 converts in 9 years. When he went to Medina as an immigrant Mohammed became a warlord. When he was finished there were no enemies left, he was the ruler of all Arabia. All of his opponents had been slaughtered in battle or by assassination or had converted (submitted) to the “religion of peace”.
“Year one” of the Islamic calendar shows definitively that Islam is not a religion only, but a political ideology of conquest and barbarism, totalitarianism and cruelty fronted by a fake “religion of peace”.
“Year one” is a designation of a political event in Mohammed’s life not a religious one. The so-called “religion of peace” is a clever front for a political totalitarian ideology of control, control of Muslims and non-Muslims. Islam’s understanding of the control of humans is without peer.
The world’s great cycles of history turn on knowledge, ignorance, and anti-knowledge. Our culture of multicultural ignorance is one of anti-knowledge. Ignorance empowers Islam. Islam is our enemy, it says so in the Sira of Mohammed.
Multiculturalism says that Islam is equal in value and import to our Western cultures of freedom and tolerance and inclusiveness. Multiculturalism empowers our existential enemy.
Multiculturalism must be destroyed so that we can discuss, debate, and condemn evil where necessary. We refuse to learn from doctrine and we ignore the history of jihad at our peril.
The fate of humanity will be decided upon our understanding of the doctrine of our enemies. They know us well, we know little to nothing of them. The old saying, “You may not believe in the devil, but he believes in you” is applicable here. You may not care about Islamic doctrine but it cares very much about you. The majority of Islamic doctrine is about the kaffir, us.
Islam is a doctrine whose purpose is the conquest and annihilation of the unbeliever everywhere. We ignore it because we have difficulty accepting that it can be real; we have difficulty letting go of our concepts that we live outside of war and outside of history. We are all too enlightened for all that.
Our enemies do not see the world as we do.
Some in the multicultural West are so ignorant of history that they find the concept of “enemy” excessive and difficult to accept. Such people are outside of history because they are ignorant of history and of human nature. Such people believe that if we are “tolerant” and show how “nice” we are to our enemies that they will love us, and stop hating us.
Our enemies are pleased that we are “tolerant” and “nice” because this makes their mission of conquest all the easier.
These are the bubble people, those who live on wishful thinking and ignorance. This ideology of ignorance has infected our leadership and institutions to such an extent that when scholars quote the Sira of Mohammed they are excoriated as “bigots”. This discussion of Islamic doctrine is not a matter of opinion. If you do not like the discussion you must take the matter up with Mohammed and make your complaints to him as the messengers (those who discuss doctrine) are only repeating his lines and his example to show the dire nature of our situation. The scholars of the doctrine of Islam bring a message of dire warning.
The fate of humanity turns on the pages of unread books. Mein Kampf was on most every shelf in Germany but few read it; few abroad read it. In the pages of that book was laid out the plan for conquest and murder that would become the 2nd World War.
The Sira of Mohammed is unread widely in the West. It is not difficult to read. The Sira is a plan for domination of all unbelievers everywhere. It is a book of cruelty and violence that often surpasses Mein Kampf in horrors, as the stories are (supposedly) an historical record of atrocities, whereas Mein Kampf was essentially a twisted “wish list” of domination and barbarism.
We in the West must study the doctrine of Islam – it is not difficult. We must acknowledge the truth about the “religion of peace” and we must accept unpleasant realities though they shatter our illusions. We must acknowledge that we are at war.
Mohammed’s life is not the kind of life that any decent person anywhere on this planet would want to emulate. His life and actions are set out as the model for all Muslims to aspire to forever. This model of cruelty, hate, intolerance, rape, torture, murder, war, paedophilia, theft, deceit, enslavement, conquest, and misogyny is the model for all Islam forever. “We have a little problem” is the most profound understatement of the millennium.
Based on the writings of D.L. Adams


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