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What are you reading?

When the most important book of the twentieth century was released in 1925 while its author sat in prison with his cronies for an attempted coup against the German government, few could have foreseen its horrific impact.
Mein Kampf set out, in rambling hate-based prose, a program of war, hatred, mass murder, and global conquest. Over the years purchases of the book made Adolf Hitler a wealthy man, but few in the country read the book though most households owned at least one copy. Fewer outside of Germany read the book. Those whose lives would be directly affected by the implementation of the plans described in the book did not read it; and those who should have read it, who were put most at risk by it, did not read it.
The same scenario is now being repeated with the Sira of Mohammed. Those who most need to read it (non-Muslims), those most at risk from its message will not, in the main, read it; while those who have read it are those who embrace its themes and message of hate, intoler…