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Blasphemy - or Freedom of Speech?

Islamic nations' "defamation of religion" ambitions make progress at UN
A coalition of 57 Islamic countries — the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) — this week won United Nations backing for a draft resolution that would outlaw "defamation of religion" throughout the world.
The resolution was passed 85 votes for to 50 against with 42 abstentions in a key UN committee, and will enter into the international record after an expected rubber stamp by the plenary later in the year. It is non-binding, but regarded as another step in a long-term strategy by the OIC to make anti-blasphemy laws mandatory in all countries.
Campaigners against the OIC's campaign say that it poses a severe threat to freedom of speech. Bennett Graham of the Becket Fund said: "It provides international cover for domestic anti-blasphemy laws, and there are a number of people who are in prison today because they have been accused of committing blasphemy. Those arrests are made legi…

Against the Islamisation of Europe

The doctrine of Islam states that anyone who leaves (or changes) their Islamic religion is to be killed (Bukhari Hadith). Islam is a dualistic political ideology of war and conquest. All unbelievers must be brought under the control of Islam until the entire world is under Islam. The kaffir (unbeliever) can be raped, murdered, enslaved, beheaded, tortured, etc. There are no boundaries, no taboos, where treatment of the kaffir by Islam is concerned.

Islam is a unified civilization of which religion is a part, a small part. The majority of the Koran is about how Muslims are to interact with the unbeliever, well over 60% of the text. This means that the Koran is a political document. One cannot know how to be a Muslim just from Koran alone. The central idea in Koran is jihad. Jihad is timeless and universal. Islam is at war with all non-believers forever.

The mosque is the centre of Muslim life in any community in which Muslims reside. The case has been made that non-violent Muslims do n…

Can we afford these people?

Did you read the article in the Daily Mail on Saturday 11th July 2009 about the miserable fate of little Donna Marie Gillbanks, aged just seven years?
It takes some reading.
This poor young child was visited by her uncle in 1977, who decided that the best thing for her was for him to force his foul self into her and deposit his worthless seed into her body.
Now, this is supposed to be a Chrystian [sic] country, where we give evidence in our Courts beneath Her Majesty's Coat of Arms, swearing on our Chrystian Bible to tell the Truth.
Well, I'd like to draw your attention to what' gentle Jesus, meek and mild', says about the likes of Peter Chester Speakman in that Bible: Matt 18:6 - so He clearly believes that there is a case for capital punishment for those who deliberately choose to destroy a child's (male or female) life prospects.
What our (in)justice system saw fit to do in this case was to lock the evil bastard (he must have been a bastard, because, had he had a fat…

Yet another example of two-tier government

Afghan Law will let Afghan husbands starve wives who withhold sex. And the western countries are supporting such a government by sending out soldiers? It´s grotesque.Having recently experienced at first hand how the average servant of Allah treats his wife(wives), I am determined to support people like Maryam Namazie who has bravely spoken out against the opprobrious practices of the regimes in both Iran and Afghanistan with regard to the female sex.
It seems that there is precious little respect for wombmen [sic] under their religious system.
Well, today is Iran Solidarity Day here in UK (and hopefully elsewhere in the world) and I for one am so proud of the efforts of Maryam and her friends for the stand they have taken against this tyranny in Iran and elsewhere.
I recently saw a sticker on a motor car in the UK which proudly said; 'A woman can do anything a man can except have a baby'
If you think this is not your problem, well you'd better have a rethink. In our family we …

What is this one called?

Today (Sat 11th) I saw this unusual insect [jpg attached]on one of our Verbenum shrubs.
Having checked in my handbook the nearest in type is a capsid which
rejoices in the name 'campyloneura virgula', but that is only 5 mm long
and has brown legs, whereas our visitor is about 20 mm long and has
six yellow legs.
Has anyone any ideas what it is?

True Friendship

The gods designed us to need other people—to form, maintain and enjoy good relationships with others. What do the sacred scriptures tell us about friendships?
Some people prefer to be alone. But most want to be around other people. Relationships and associations are important to them. They desire to have and maintain friendships.
Friendship is part of the godhead's way of life. The Word has much to say about friendship. In fact, Elohim himself strongly emphasizes his desire for relationships and friendships. Yeshua ha Mescheyach, who is one in mind and Spirit with the Father, will marry the church. This implies an extremely close relationship as well as a friendship. A major underpinning in the godhead's plan is healthy, strong, close relationships.
The Scriptures refer to Abraham and Moses as friends of the godhead (Exodus 33:11; James 2:23). Yeshua himself had close friends. Though the disciples were his closest friends, he had friendly relationships with others, including tax …

Where there's a Will...

The scriptures [2 Tim 3:15] are a testament - the inheritors may not change the wording of the Will [Titus 1:9]
Western theology has grown out of Greek philosophical thought.
'Hearing and doing' are typical of the Jew.
The Greek moves in conceptual or 'abstract' ideological problems - cf: I Cor 1:22.
The Jew demands a 'sign' - Matt 12:38-40., whereas Greeks seek wisdom.
In the Hebrew language there is no verb 'to be', because 'I AM' is their godhead!
The Jew has no need to theorize, to prove what he knows experientially to be Truth - cf John 7:17.
Just DO the doctrine and you will PROVE whether it works.
The word 'disciple' appears 264 times in the Chrystian [sic] new testament. In this Way, doctrine and life are seen as one - Lu 6:46.
The lordship of El Elyon in the 'old' testament, as well as that of Yeshua Hamescheyach in the 'new' is an important study for all disciples.
This is not a one-sided affair. It is not all commands an…


I think it was Rousseau who said that 'when man[or wombman]is completely happy, they have absolutely no need of language'. That would indicate that all speech is an expression of need, just as all fear has at its root the fear of death.
Here are a few thoughts of my own on the importance of good communication:
"Speech is the sceptre of mankind - gossip is the devil's rickshaw"
"The genius of communication is to able to be totally honest and yet totally kind to the recipient"
"Every time I speak, my spirit is on parade"
Chrystians [sic] have this thing about their 'bible', and Islam has now remembered to be just as
pedantic about their Qran, so much are these people bigoted that they have for centuries persecuted (even to the death) any who dare to hold a differing viewpoint. That's what the Vatican calls a 'heretic' - it's from a Greek word for 'different'.
Now the writings which the Chrystians hold dear are drawn from…

Crime Scene?

This tell-tale print was found in blood on the paving flags near our home. It suggests that some small mammal got mugged…
The actual size of the print was approx 15 mm across.We are still searching for the 'body'Can anyone suggest who the suspect was?Sincerely yours
Leymoor Lad - Cowlersley
07866 410682