Passover Programme 2016 CE

The execution of the Messiah did not take place on a Friday, nor was He resurrected on a Sunday. If we are to properly understand the order of events, we must start to think as those who witnessed the events and who first wrote the record were accustomed to think. Remember what was written in the early records, 'and there was evening and there was morning, one day' [Bereshith – Genesis 1:5 ] and so on, throughout the description there of the creation. This order of time has never been changed in the Hebrew mind from then until now. So, we see that, at the time we are looking at here, the time of occupation of Israel by the Roman power, the writers were arranging their lives according to the Hebrew Calendar. The Julian and Gregorian calendars,today so all-important to the majority of Western society, were of absolutely no interest to the Jews. There are three main Feasts which the Jews are duty-bound to observe, and here, we are considering the one-day Feast of Passover (Pesach) [We'elleh Shemoth - Ex 12:14] ,which is immediately followed by the seven-day Feast of Unleavened Bread (Chag HaMatzot) [Ex 12:15]. The third feast is the Feast of Tabernacles (Succoth), which has its own significance vis-a-vis the actual dating of Messiah's birth [John 1:14]. With this in mind, let us examine the details of this important Feast week:
Hebrew Calendar Action Gregorian Calendar Notion Scripture Reference(s)
Feast of Passover One-night feast Exodus 12:14
Feast of Unleavened Bread Seven-day feast(Chag HaMatzot) Exodus 12:18-20
Nisan 13 The Preparation Tuesday 22nd March John 19:31
Sunset/Nisan 14 Last Seder Wednesday 23rd March
Nisan 14 Gat Sheman (Gethsemane)
Nisan 14 Trial before Sanhedrin
Nisan 14 Examination by Pilate
Nisan 14 Crucifixion
Nisan 14 Death of Messiah
Nisan 14 Burial of Messiah by Joseph
Sunset/Nisan 14/Nisan 15 Yearly Sabbath Thursday 24th March Leviticus 23:5-8 & John 19:31 Day 1 – Feast of Unleavened Bread
Sunset Nisan 15/Nisan 16 Spices prepared to anoint the corpse. Friday 25th March Matthew 12:40 Sunset Nisan 16/Nisan 17 Normal Weekly Sabbath Saturday 26th March
Sunset Nisan 17/Nisan 18 Messiah resurrected early Sunday 27th March
John Mark (Peter's son) the first witness? Mark 16:5; 2 Tim 4:11
Mary the first woman visitor
• Compare also Acts 12:25 with15:36-41, where the decision about taking John Mark into Asia Minor was so contentious.
• Why? Although there is nothing clearer in scripture to substantiate this, my personal feeling is that, since the practice was that, 'in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established' (2 Cor 13:1), Paul held him to be a vital witness to the tomb being empty (Mark 16:5), and Mark had let him and Barnabas down in this vital respect, by returning to Jerusalem..


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