Who gets your vote?

This was my recent draft for our benighted UK politicians:

It must be clear to your average reader that this country is now labouring in the grip of a malady of gargantuan proportions which masquerades under the name of multiculturalism

Let us take just a few recent instances where upstanding British citizens have been taken to task for ‘offending’ Islamist sensitivities:

· Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, hotel proprietors on Merseyside, charged under a Public Order Act with intolerance in discussing religion with non-Christian guests.

· Erica Connor, headteacher in East London pressurized by the LEA for resisting her students’ efforts to Islamicise her school.

· A nurse suspended from her duty in hospital for wearing a crucifix.

Multicultural fantasies, in which everyone can get along with everyone else if everyone tries, are deeply attractive to Europeans (and Americans - even to Israelis tired of war). The unspoken foundation of multiculturalism is that everyone wants to ‘get along’.

The general public may not be aware that, since the day in 2001 when two aircraft were deliberately flown into the World Trade Center in USA, there have been no less (to date) than 15,019 separate jihadist attacks against varying non-conformist societies around the globe. Non-conformist, that is, to the tenets of ‘faith’ that Mohammed was bent on having us accept.

Even when we accept that, of the 1.3 billion adherents to the Islam – ‘submission’ faith, only a mere 1% are, at this present time, engaged in or actively sympathetic to aggressive attempts to persuade non-believers to bow the knee to Allah, that means that multicultural societies worldwide are potentially being pestered by a mere 130 million (130,000,000) troublesome Islamist ‘soldiers’.

Now, those of us with longer memories will recall what that nice gentleman,
Mr Chamberlain, attempted to achieve by his tolerant attitude towards Mr Hitler in 1939. He wanted us to ‘get along’ with Germany in the face of a resurgent Deutsche Wehrmacht. We may look back with disparaging comments in the light of his failed policy; what we are witnessing today, however, from our Western leaders, makes Chamberlain look like a bull terrier.

We are about to enter a new phase of political posturing as May 6th approaches. The decision we take as a democratic society may well affect our approach to this totalitarian ideology.

In an open letter I therefore would like to ask the current contenders for the Downing Street job, which of them will be prepared to line himself up with the likes of Abu Hamza, Anjem Choudary on Fridays, and on international duty, with other Muslim leaders, bow himself to the floor in submission towards Mecca.

This problem is not going to go away of itself and I want to know whom to vote for.


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