Passover Programme 2016 CE

The execution of the Messiah did not take place on a Friday, nor was He resurrected on a Sunday. If we are to properly understand the order of events, we must start to think as those who witnessed the events and who first wrote the record were accustomed to think. Remember what was written in the early records, 'and there was evening and there was morning, one day' [Bereshith – Genesis 1:5 ] and so on, throughout the description there of the creation. This order of time has never been changed in the Hebrew mind from then until now. So, we see that, at the time we are looking at here, the time of occupation of Israel by the Roman power, the writers were arranging their lives according to the Hebrew Calendar. The Julian and Gregorian calendars,today so all-important to the majority of Western society, were of absolutely no interest to the Jews. There are three main Feasts which the Jews are duty-bound to observe, and here, we are considering the one-day Feast of Passover (Pesach…

Who gets your vote?

This was my recent draft for our benighted UK politicians:

It must be clear to your average reader that this country is now labouring in the grip of a malady of gargantuan proportions which masquerades under the name of multiculturalism

Let us take just a few recent instances where upstanding British citizens have been taken to task for ‘offending’ Islamist sensitivities:

· Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, hotel proprietors on Merseyside, charged under a Public Order Act with intolerance in discussing religion with non-Christian guests.

· Erica Connor, headteacher in East London pressurized by the LEA for resisting her students’ efforts to Islamicise her school.

· A nurse suspended from her duty in hospital for wearing a crucifix.

Multicultural fantasies, in which everyone can get along with everyone else if everyone tries, are deeply attractive to Europeans (and Americans - even to Israelis tired of war). The unspoken foundation of multiculturalism is that everyone wants to ‘get along’.

ISLAM 101 - Gregory M. Davis

ISLAM 101 is meant to help people become better educated about the fundamentals of Islam and to help the more knowledgeable better convey the facts to others. We need a concise explanation of the major moving parts of Islam and their implications for Western society. Islam 101 is a condensation of the book and documentary with the aim of lending clarity to the public understanding of Islam and of exposing the inadequacy of prevailing views worldwide. Please feel free to distribute and/or reproduce this article.Table of Contents1) The Basicsa) The Five Pillars of Islam
b) The Quran -- the Book of Allah
c) The Sunnah -- the "Way" of the Prophet Muhammadi. Battle of Badr
ii. Battle of Uhud
iii. Battle of Medina
iv. Conquest of Meccad) Sharia Law2) Jihad and Dhimmitudea) What does "jihad" mean?
b) Muslim Scholar Hasan Al-Banna on jihad
c) Dar al-Islam and dar al-harb: the House of Islam and the House of Wari) Taqiyya -- Religious Deceptiond) Jihad Through Historyi) Th…