Yet another example of two-tier government

Afghan Law will let Afghan husbands starve wives who withhold sex. And the western countries are supporting such a government by sending out soldiers? It´s grotesque.

Having recently experienced at first hand how the average servant of Allah treats his wife(wives), I am determined to support people like Maryam Namazie who has bravely spoken out against the opprobrious practices of the regimes in both Iran and Afghanistan with regard to the female sex.
It seems that there is precious little respect for wombmen [sic] under their religious system.
Well, today is Iran Solidarity Day here in UK (and hopefully elsewhere in the world) and I for one am so proud of the efforts of Maryam and her friends for the stand they have taken against this tyranny in Iran and elsewhere.
I recently saw a sticker on a motor car in the UK which proudly said; 'A woman can do anything a man can except have a baby'
If you think this is not your problem, well you'd better have a rethink. In our family we have been visited by one of these so-called servants of Allah. He turned up uninvited at a UK port, having hidden himself away in the bowels of a lorry, and, as soon as he was discovered, he claimed 'political asylum', stating that his life was in danger if he were to be returned whence he came (in his case Northern Iraq), since his wife was dead, having been shot in the head whilst going about her business in a Mosul street.
To support this claim, the man produced a document written in Arabic which purported to be a Death Certificate for the poor wombman [sic]. The only problem with that document was that it was dated two months after the date on which he arrived in UK...
Also, the document had clearly been tampered with, since the name of the 'deceased' was written with more vowel points than are needed to write her name accurately in Arabic, a point which has probably escaped the man, who is not a native Arabic speaker himself.
I am left wondering how many more altered copies of this document are on file with the Borders & Immigration Agency, and how much did the man pay for it???
So, we let him stay here and eventually allow him 'conditional' - discretionary leave to remain for a time.
What is his next step? He gets himself up North to some inconspicuous town, where he seduces a sweet young English wombman and makes sure that very soon she is carrying his obnoxious seed.
The poor lass is terrified all the way through her unwanted pregnancy, just about dies after a very horrendous labour and is finally separated from her child (alas, it turned out to be a female - clearly not the will of Allah) and so, not to be thwarted, the unloving father ensures that his name appears twice on the resulting Birth Certificate, he names the poor mite 'Axxxx xxxxx Ibrahim Mohammed'. It puts me in mind, if it weren't so grossly tragic, of the song - 'A boy named Sue'.
Not satisfied with this deception, our man then goes along to see the local Registrar and arranges a ceremony to 'marry' the sweet English rose, declaring himself to be a widower, and, even though someone attends the Registry Office before the date and informs the Registrar that our man does in fact, already have a wife and children in Iraq, the sweet English rose is now too terrified of him to do other than go through with the farce of a bigamous ceremony.
My word, hasn't he done well, child and wife in the UK - must be home and hosed now.
As he now feels secure, up go the photographs of his Iraqi wife and child on the wall in the local authority property where he is squatting, and no-one in 'authority' in this country seems able to do a thing about him. The local authority staff do not even query how the sweet English rose was able to rent one of their properties in er maiden name and suddenly change it to Mrs Mohammed. Are we daft in this country or what?
Some of her neighbours are now a bit fed-up and puzzled how a man like this can get into a local authority house when their daughters have been kept on the waiting lists for years.
Still, I don't suppose it will be long before we shall be financing the arrival of the rest of our man's family.
I wouldn't mind, but our man has not spent so much as £10 on his UK-born offspring in over three years. Oh, no, the poor mite has been cared for since Day 1 by the grandparents, but the sweet English rose has to send some of her monthly earnings to a nominated account in Iraq, to support wife number One and his offspring there. As for him, he has had at least fifteen different motor vehicles in three years and the latest purchase - a 42" plasma TV, but no money for his daughter's food and clothes.
And now there is at least one (may be more) other illegal immigrants living with him and his bigamous spouse and no-one in authority bothers to challenge the situation.
Meanwhile, the good, honest tax-paying citizens of UK must not only finance our man, but also sponsor sending the flower of our nation to roll about in the heat and dust of Afghanistan in a futile effort to 'fight the terrorists' and keep them from taking over our country and hoisting their black flag over the Palace of Westminster.
Doesn't anybody care??


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