Where there's a Will...

The scriptures [2 Tim 3:15] are a testament - the inheritors may not change the wording of the Will [Titus 1:9]
Western theology has grown out of Greek philosophical thought.
'Hearing and doing' are typical of the Jew.
The Greek moves in conceptual or 'abstract' ideological problems - cf: I Cor 1:22.
The Jew demands a 'sign' - Matt 12:38-40., whereas Greeks seek wisdom.
In the Hebrew language there is no verb 'to be', because 'I AM' is their godhead!
The Jew has no need to theorize, to prove what he knows experientially to be Truth - cf John 7:17.
Just DO the doctrine and you will PROVE whether it works.
The word 'disciple' appears 264 times in the Chrystian [sic] new testament. In this Way, doctrine and life are seen as one - Lu 6:46.
The lordship of El Elyon in the 'old' testament, as well as that of Yeshua Hamescheyach in the 'new' is an important study for all disciples.
This is not a one-sided affair. It is not all commands and fear. For his part, Adonai protects, guards and guides his servants. He stands by us, he delivers us from evil. He provides our resources, supplies our Manna and Water and bountifully rewards our faithfulness to his Will - cf: Psa 19:14, Psa 31:3, II Tim 4:17, Mt 25:14-30, Lu 19:11-27, Gen 15:1, Num 18:20 and I Cor 3:13-15.
Our part is to obey the voice of the Master - Jn 14:15 "If you love me, keep my commandments" also I Cor 15:5.
Recommended reading - 'The Messiah in the Old Testament' by Risto Santala.
Also 'Christianity is Jewish' by Edith Schaeffer.
Leymoor Lad - Mon 06.07.09


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