Can we afford these people?

Did you read the article in the Daily Mail on Saturday 11th July 2009 about the miserable fate of little Donna Marie Gillbanks, aged just seven years?
It takes some reading.
This poor young child was visited by her uncle in 1977, who decided that the best thing for her was for him to force his foul self into her and deposit his worthless seed into her body.
Now, this is supposed to be a Chrystian [sic] country, where we give evidence in our Courts beneath Her Majesty's Coat of Arms, swearing on our Chrystian Bible to tell the Truth.
Well, I'd like to draw your attention to what' gentle Jesus, meek and mild', says about the likes of Peter Chester Speakman in that Bible: Matt 18:6 - so He clearly believes that there is a case for capital punishment for those who deliberately choose to destroy a child's (male or female) life prospects.
What our (in)justice system saw fit to do in this case was to lock the evil bastard (he must have been a bastard, because, had he had a father, he would have been brought up to know that this behaviour is never acceptable) up for 20 + 12 years and counting at the taxpayers' expense. And if he did have a father who condoned this behaviour, then may the gods help our nation.
I am left wondering how long this lily-livered government of ours is going to tolerate atrocities of this kind before the law gets changed to bring in both a fitting punishment and deterrent.
There are some offenders who should not be allowed to go on breathing good fresh air, and Peter Chester Speakman is one of them.


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