Against the Islamisation of Europe

The doctrine of Islam states that anyone who leaves (or changes) their Islamic religion is to be killed (Bukhari Hadith). Islam is a dualistic political ideology of war and conquest. All unbelievers must be brought under the control of Islam until the entire world is under Islam. The kaffir (unbeliever) can be raped, murdered, enslaved, beheaded, tortured, etc. There are no boundaries, no taboos, where treatment of the kaffir by Islam is concerned.

Islam is a unified civilization of which religion is a part, a small part. The majority of the Koran is about how Muslims are to interact with the unbeliever, well over 60% of the text. This means that the Koran is a political document. One cannot know how to be a Muslim just from Koran alone. The central idea in Koran is jihad. Jihad is timeless and universal. Islam is at war with all non-believers forever.

The mosque is the centre of Muslim life in any community in which Muslims reside. The case has been made that non-violent Muslims do not know their doctrine. Some even suggest that non-violence means “moderation” – the non-violent Muslim is shown as proof of the non-violence of Islam itself. But this is not so, since the doctrine is clear that aggressive violence against the kaffir is mandated, therefore violent jihadists are just observant, devout Muslims, they are the moderates. They are moderate because they follow the doctrine and the commands of both Allah and Mohammed. The extremists are those who do not participate in Jihad. These are hypocrites and apostates. Such people who do not fight the unbelievers can rightfully be killed by jihadists as being outside the family, Umma, of Islam.

When adherents do not know the doctrine of Islam, they learn it from their Imams. All Imams know the doctrine quite well. What happens when the non-violent adherent hears, from the pulpit of the mosque, the commands of Allah to do jihad and kill the unbelievers wherever they are found? They must act. Few will leave Islam, because leaving the religion of peace is a death sentence offence. Most will participate in jihad war against the unbeliever (kaffir) with money and with words, some will do violence. Those who die in jihad are guaranteed a direct trip to paradise and access to beautiful girls forever. The non-violent adherent must act if they are to remain Muslim. Allah says in the Koran that he knows that some will not want to do jihad, but the obligation remains, Allah knows what is best -people do not.

Because democracies are tolerant and open societies, in the main, they are welcoming to Islam. They are welcoming to Islam because their peoples do not understand that Islam is at war with them; they do not understand that Islam does not assimilate; they do not understand that the purpose of Islam is to overturn the host culture and change the host culture to an Islamic state. No Muslim can give allegiance to any country other than a caliphate, no Muslim can give allegiance to a system of law other than the law of Allah and Mohammed, Sharia. This is clearly stated in doctrine. Muslims who give such allegiance may be good citizens but they are not good Muslims. This is a fine point that many find difficult to understand.

Muslims are forbidden to have friendships with Christians or Jews. This is clearly stated in Koran. In addition, Muslims are commanded to kill Jews; this is also clearly stated in doctrine. When the Muslims are actually friends with kaffirs, to Islam they are hypocrites (bad Muslims) or apostates. Being a good Muslim and being a good citizen of a democratic state is doctrinally impossible for a Muslim who follows his “religion”.

Islam is at war with the kaffir, everywhere and forever. It does not matter if you believe this or not; your opinion on the matter is irrelevant. This is the truth and the command of the Koran, and the Sira of Mohammed as well as Hadith – the doctrine of Islam. If Islam is at war with all kaffir everywhere and the purpose of this endless warfare is the literal end of all non-believers (Koran is clear that no other religion is allowed anywhere on the planet other than Islam) and their cultures; one must come to some conclusion about the value of his/her culture and whether or not it is worthy of defending.

Because democracies are based upon openness and tolerance and individual freedoms, democracies are open to Islam. Islam builds mosques – these are the centres of Muslim culture, politics, religious practice, everything in the Muslim community. While we are aware that many if not most of all new mosques built in Europe, the US and around the world are supported by Saudi oil money this is not the most important point. The critical factor is that every mosque has the doctrine of Islam, Koran, Sira, Hadith as its central intellectual/spiritual/political core. The doctrine itself is hostile to democracies and is a doctrine of warfare, violence, intolerance, hatred, cruelty and brutality that is as yet unsurpassed in human history.

When the doctrine is known, and the history of Islam and the appalling things that have been done by adherents because of its commands, it is difficult (that is, impossible) to defend Islam or any aspect of it.

Islam is a political ideology fundamentally hostile to democracy. It is intolerant and brutal in the extreme. It is often said that terrorists and jihadists have hijacked the “religion of peace” and “misinterpret” the doctrine of Islam. This is a lie. This kind of lie, about the nature and true character and history of Islam, is called “taqiyyah”, sacred deception. It is an obligation (as stated in the doctrine) for all Muslims to falsify the truth of Islam to kaffirs everywhere. This results in the kaffir being confused and unable to effectively respond in defense of their cultures and lands, countries and people. It is extremely effective. Koran is a blueprint for war. The effectiveness of jihad is seen by the success of Islam in spreading across the world and annihilating cultures and civilizations as it goes. The body count of jihad since Mohammed started his endless war is conservatively estimated at 270 million murdered victims.

What of democracy then as it faces the challenge of advancing and emboldened and oil wealth rich Islam? What of democracy as new mosques are built daily and the demands of Islam increase at the same pace?

Democracy is the condition of freedom, tolerance, and equality. This condition was passed down to us by our founders and secured for us over generations by our brave warriors who fought to sustain these ideals and this condition of freedom. Many who know little of democracy, history, politics, and know nothing whatever of Islam believe that democracy is a process and not a condition.

These ill-informed ill-educated people believe that democracy is ever changing and if a minority desires concessions that are inherently anti-democratic, reactionary, intolerant, and cruel it is all perfectly acceptable if these forces use the processes and structures of democracy to enact their anti-freedom desires. Those who seek our destruction know our ways, our systems, our doctrine, our legal system as we know nothing of theirs. We are at a disadvantage to these aggressive forces of hate and intolerance and anti-freedom because we are almost entirely ignorant of their purposes and their foundational doctrine, Koran, Sira, Hadith – the doctrine of Islam.

The process of democracy is that process which protects the freedoms and structures of equality and tolerance that were passed down to us and secured for us by our forebears. Democracy is a condition of freedom that must be defended, it is not a process by which we surrender those same freedoms that others gave their lives to secure for us and future generations. Our role as lovers of freedom is to sustain democracy again so that our children can enjoy its freedoms, tolerance, and appreciation for the individual.

Democracy is not a process, it is a condition.

If democracy is a condition of freedom and tolerance and equality and not a process, then what must our response be to forces whose purpose is the destruction of democracy? The response must be to oppose such forces.

When the new mosque comes to town, what is its purpose? Its purpose is to spread the word of the greatness of Islam, the fake religion of peace. Its purpose is to be the centre of a community of believers whose goal is, according to their deity and prophet, the destruction and/or conversion of the unbelievers in whose midst they have chosen to live.

Immigrants are very important in Islam. The Islamic calendar does not begin with the first revelation from Allah received by Mohammed as one might suppose for a “religion”, rather it begins when Mohammed arrived in Medina from Mecca and began his career as a warlord and killer. This is the real beginning of the power of Islam; not the revelations, but the change of Mohammed’s career from prophet/debater/missionary in Mecca to prophet/warlord/hyperviolent killer in Mecca.

The immigrant is the leading edge of the sword of Islam.

If those who love democracy know nothing of Islam, its doctrine and history – the construction of a new mosque is but a footnote. If those who love democracy know the doctrine and history of Mohammed and of Islam the new mosque is a dangerous threat to their culture, and country.

Islam is a political ideology. The mosque is its party headquarters. Muslim demonstrators on the streets of Europe and America are not shy about their purposes – the destruction of all kaffir states and religions and the conquest of Islam. Jihadists are not shy about their motives – they quote Koran as they kill. Yet we say that they are misinterpreting their doctrine. This is a lie we say to one another based on wishful thinking and ignorance. It is not based on knowledge of the doctrine itself.

The Koran, they say, is the literal word of Allah, the word of their god to the adherents of Islam. Mohammed is the prophet, the greatest example of humanity for all to emulate. Jihad, war, murder, violence, misogyny, torture, cruelty, intolerance are the commands. These commands are in the doctrine of Islam. The doctrine is taught at mosques. You connect the dots.


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