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Who gets your vote?

This was my recent draft for our benighted UK politicians:

It must be clear to your average reader that this country is now labouring in the grip of a malady of gargantuan proportions which masquerades under the name of multiculturalism

Let us take just a few recent instances where upstanding British citizens have been taken to task for ‘offending’ Islamist sensitivities:

· Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, hotel proprietors on Merseyside, charged under a Public Order Act with intolerance in discussing religion with non-Christian guests.

· Erica Connor, headteacher in East London pressurized by the LEA for resisting her students’ efforts to Islamicise her school.

· A nurse suspended from her duty in hospital for wearing a crucifix.

Multicultural fantasies, in which everyone can get along with everyone else if everyone tries, are deeply attractive to Europeans (and Americans - even to Israelis tired of war). The unspoken foundation of multiculturalism is that everyone wants to ‘get along’.